TMS Media Coverage

National Media

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been featured in several prominent news publications highlighting its success in treating depression. Among these publications are: National GeographicScientific AmericanPsychiatric TimesHarvard HealthMen’s Health, and Forbes. See below for more news stories discussing the latest applications of TMS Therapy.

12/07/2021 TMS: A Useful Clinical Tool for Treatment-Resistant Depression

08/11/2021 Examining the Benefits of TMS

07/15/2021 Parkinson’s News Today: New Method to Improve Brain Stimulation Treatments

04/07/2021 Medical Xpress: New brain-stimulating technology to relieve pain and depression

03/29/2021 Alaska Public Media: LISTEN: Using transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat depression

03/26/2021 PsychiatryAdvisor: The COVID-19 Pandemic: Helping Those Who Suffer in Silence

02/04/2021 Northwestern University: Brain stimulation boosts memory replay, accuracy

01/31/2021 CTVNews Canada: Pandemic spurs scientists to look closer at an experimental treatment for severe depression

01/28/2021 VeryWell Health: Study: Brain Stimulation Can Be Individualized to Treat Depression

01/20/2021 Healthline: What You Need to Know About Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy

01/19/2021 Scientific American: Electrical Brain Stimulation May Alleviate Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors

12/25/2020 Greely Tribune: Mental Health Matters: Defining depression and anxiety, treatment options  

12/21/2020 United Press International: Brain stimulation may reduce depression and PTSD, study finds 

12/21/2020 EurekAlert: Targeted brain stimulation dulls social pain

12/11/2020 Life Sciences: Repetitive TMS significantly improves post-stroke depression

10/20/2020 Department of Veterans Affairs: Brain stimulation for Alzheimer’s on the horizon?

09/22/2020 Globe Newswire: Neuronetics Reveals New Depression Data at Clinical TMS Society’s Virtual Events

09/20/2020 StandfordDaily: New Stanford Medicine depression treatment has 90% success rate, study finds

08/30/2020 PsychCentral: The Breaking and Already Known News is that TMS Therapy for Depression Works

07/23/2020 KOAA News5: Your Healthy Family: Getting help with the stress of uncertainty during a pandemic

07/21/2020 MedicalXpress: Study sheds light on the source of unease and tension to help effectively treat anxiety

07/21/2020 The Conversation: Neurostimulation may herald a new treatment for depression

07/10/2020 Healio: TMS offers similar benefit for MDD patients with and without comorbid PTSD

06/02/2020 Psychology Today: A Potentially Powerful Treatment for Refractory Depression

04/01/2020 Cyprus Mail: Psychiatrist talks mental health in time of pandemic

03/27/2020 ADDitude: Treatment for Depression and ADHD: Treating Comorbid Mood Disorders Safely

03/06/2020 Medscape: FDA Grants TMS Device Breakthrough Designation for Bipolar Depression

02/21/2020 CBS8: ‘A complete change’ | Inside the new alternative treatment for depression

02/18/2020 Medical News: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy for Depression

02/03/2020 KiviTV: FINDING HOPE: A New Way to Fight Depression

01/09/2020 Psychiatric Times: Bipolar Disorder: Practice-Changing Trials from 2019

12/16/2019 Cision: Advanced Treatment For Depression Without Medication

12/04/2019 Fox5: After 20 years of depression, Georgia woman finds a breakthrough: TMS

11/27/2019 IVDailyNews: Clinical Study Suggests TMS Effective for Insomnia

11/11/2019 News9: Life-changing treatment

10/28/2019 News 5: TMS provides hope for depression patients

09/24/2019 EurekaAlert: TMS prevents anxiety-induced decrease in motor performances

09/16/2019 World Health: TMS May Prevent Age Related Memory Decline

09/09/2019 Medical News Today: dTMS may help where other therapies fail

08/28/2019 Medical Xpress: Veterans in TMS for PTSD Study

08/22/2019 The Doctor Weighs In: What You Need to Know About TMS for Depression

08/13/2019 BBR Foundation: Combining TMS with Psychotherapy for Treating Depression and OCD

08/12/2019 Observer: Using a technology-based program to treat depression

08/07/2019 KDKA: New Technology To Treat Depression

08/01/2019 Cision: First TMS Patient Treated Under New Japan Reimbursement Policy

07/22/2019 Healio: TMS can offer relief from anxiety

07/17/2019 Next Avenue: How TMS Can Improve Memory

07/08/2019 Cision: NeuroStar® Patient Outcomes Registry is Now The World’s Largest in Major Depressive Disorder

07/01/2019 Gazette: Treating major depression with eight weeks of TMS treatment

06/27/2019 Wayne Independent: VA to offer TMS

06/24/2019 Chron: Psychiatrist offers new treatment options for depression

06/18/2019 Harvard Health: An underused option for severe depression

06/17/2019 BioSpectrum: Teijin Pharma starts sale of TMS device in Japan

06/13/2019 Tennessean: Here are three things everyone gets wrong about depression

06/05/2019 Country Living: Everything you need to know about brain fog

05/20/2019 KOAA: Mom gets postpartum help through TMS treatment

05/14/2019 Cision: Survey Finds Majority of Americans Don’t Feel Equipped to Discuss Depression With Loved Ones

05/09/2019 Open Access Gov: Maternal Mental Health Treatments for Postnatal depression

05/06/2019 NorthJersey: Help is on the way for those who suffer

05/04/2019 PsychCentral: Brain Stimulation Improves Memory of Older Adults

05/03/2019 PsychAdvisor: rTMS Effective for Depression, Anxiety

04/10/2019 Women You Should Know: Stomping Stigmas – My Real Talk

04/05/2019 St George News: Two Southern Utah providers offer new alternative for treating depression

04/03/2019 Spokesman-Review: TMS treatment and increasing mental health dialogue

03/29/2019 El Paso Inc: How TMS therapy pulled me out of depression

03/28/2019 MedTechDive: Neuronetics gets Japanese coverage for TMS Therapy

03/08/2019 Psychology Today: New Inventions for Treating Depression

02/21/2019 WBTV: Woman battling 20-year depression finds relief from little-known treatment

02/05/2019 MD Mag: Exploring TMS Therapy for Depressed Patients

02/05/2019 WTSP: Medication-free therapy shows promising results for treating depression

01/30/2019 WFLA: Breakthrough treatment for depression available

01/27/2019 Spokesman-Review: Mental-health journey a positive work in progress

01/17/2019 Science Trends: Can We Predict Who Will Respond To Brain Stimulation Treatment For Depression?

01/14/2019 MedShadow: 5 Non-Drug Treatments for Depression

01/03/2019 PsychCentral: What is TMS?

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